Directions to Beach Houses at K38, Baja California, Mexico

These homes are located 1 hour south of San Diego, California, and 15 minutes south of Rosarito, Baja.

Passing the San Isidro/Tijuana border immediately get your car near the middle of all the lanes to avoid being forced right off the first ramp, which is about 300 yards away from the border.

You are looking to continue straight which will take you up onto a highway bridge/overpass.

This bridge/overpass is about 600 yards away from the border.

Once you are on the bridge, get yourself over to the right even though cars are veering into you. This makes it tough to get over. You may have to slow down as this all happens quickly.

Still on the bridge, take the ramp on the right hand side that is marked Rosarito, Ensenada.

5 minutes later, drive up a steep hill along side the border. Watch obvious signs and follow them.

15 minutes from Tijuana, pay a toll of about $2.50 USD.

30 minutes from Tijuana, from the Toll road on the south side of Rosarito, take the exit marked La Paloma, La Rocas, Calafia, Popotla, and continue on the free road. This off ramp is horrible you will feel as if you are doing something wrong.

Drive South about 10 minutes taking you past Fox Studios, and then passed Calafia.

Once you see and go past the huge Jesus Statue you will drive on the EL Morro Bridge.

Start slowing down while you are on top of the bridge and put on your right turn blinker on to warn traffic behind you.

Only 20 yards past the bridge there is some dirt that allows you to pull of the bridge to the beach side of road which is where the reddish, wrought iron gate is. There are two lions on top of the columns of the gate. This is where you enter.

In case you get lost, you are looking for Campo Rodriguez in El Morro.

At the gate, call out "hello, hello." If someone answers, ask permission to see Mario.


They will bring you down or let you by.

If no one is at the gate, open the gate and walk down to your house. The keys and gate clicker will be in the house. Walk back up to your car, and open the gate with your gate clicker.

Drive down to your house.

I am in house #5, where the basketball hoop is. I live on site and am your contact 24 hours a day during your stay.

Mario Restrepo