k38 Baja Coastline View from Rental Properties
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     K38 Surf Rentals

K38 Real Estate has rental properties right on the beach.

From these K38 rental properties, you can't get any closer to the ocean, beach, or surf at K38. Many of these beach rental homes are about 10 yards away from the high tide line.

Equally important to the excellent location, is the price. These K38 beach rentals cost about half of what the nearby hotels and other condos are charging.

All K38 beach rentals can be reserved by calling or emailing. Our busiest times are weekends and when there is surf. So during these times it is recommended to reserve a beach rental here home early, year round,... no kidding.

K38 Surf Rentals:

     Surf Lessons at K38.

K38 Surf Logo At the K38 Surf Shop, you can sign up for surf lessons with the surf shop owner Jacinto. His well stocked surf shop is walking distance to all the surf breaks.

     Why is K38 is Called K38?

K38 sign post marked the surf spot in Baja, Mexico K38 is known as K38 because the road today, known as the free road, was the first road to give surfers driving access to the surf at K38. This old road had the kilometer 38 sign that clearly marked the location of this now famous surf spot.

Well before the construction boom here in Baja, over-nighting at K38 meant that you slept in a tent on the bluff overlooking the surf break. The ground was rocky, there were no showers, but the surf was great, of course.

     Driving Directions to K38

K38 is located in Baja California, Mexico, about 1 hour driving south of the San Diego and Tijuana international border.

To get to K38, drive on the Toll Road from Tijuana.

At the south end of Rosarito, take the free road at the exit marked Calafia, Las Rocas, La Paloma, Popotla.

Drive on the free road for about 15 minutes passing Calafia.

K38 is about 300 yards south of the huge Jesus Statue.

     360 Virtual Tours

     At these K38 rental properties, it is not only about the surfing...

There is so much to do! Here are some neighborhood photos taken from our patios.

     K38 Must Do's!

1. Surf!
2. Learn to Surf!
3. Take pictures!
4. Eat at Taco Surf!
5. Hike up to the Jesus Statue!
6. Walk on the tide pools at low tide.
7. Eat Lobster at Puerto Nuevo.

     K38 Common Alternate Activities:

1. Kayaking!
2. Paddle surfing!
3. Kite Surfing!
4. Wind Surfing!
5. Go Fishing!

K38 Surf Image of Ian Surfing

All Professional Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours are by Baja VT