K38 Real Estate and Surfing FAQ

Email us a question about K38. We will answer it, and post it here for everyone to view.

How far is K38 from San Diego?

All the K38 rental properties are 40 minutes south of the international border.

Are there eateries in the K38 area?

There are tons of places to eat at. Funny though, that the most famous place to eat at in the immediate area is the taco shop, two doors down from the surf shop, called Taco Surf, yum.

How cold is the ocean water at K38?

The ocean temperatures here at K38 are similiar to San Diego.

Are there any surf breaks for beginners at K38?

Yes, Marias is the best place to learn how to stand up for the first time, while the point is good for beginners who already know how to stand up. Theresas is more for intermediate surfers.

What other amenities are within walking distance of K38?

Bakery, pharmacy, 2 convenience stores, the Anamar Restaurant, Taco Surf, a small diner/cafe, spa and salon, and K38 Real Estate.

Are fireworks common on the beach?

Fireworks are not common on the beach and we don't recommend you use them here on this beach. This is a residential beach with families. Go else where if you would like to shoot off fireworks.

Is there ding repair available?

Yes, ask for Bill, or go to the K38 Surf Shop.

Can I drive up to the Jesus Statue?

Yes. But it is a step dirt road. You might find it better to hike up. Allow about 30 minutes to make it up the hill. Or drive via the San Pedro Villas development on paved, steep roads. The entrance is located about 1/4 mile south of the Jesus Statue along the free road.

What kind of surf boards are more commonly ridden at K38?

Both Longboards and shortboards are common. But the waves here are generally slow, so more often than not, a longboard or funboard is a better choice.

Is there public transportation nearby?

Yes, for about $1.25 USD, you can get a shared-ride to Rosarito. Taxis run 24 hours and cost about $100 pesos, $10 USD, to go to Rosarito. By the way, here is the phone number before I forget: ECO Taxi, 661.612.7373. Have them meet you at Taco Surf. They know where that is.

If I don't bring a surfboard, is there any place I can rent one?

Yes, you can rent one at the K38 Surf Shop.

How safe is the K38 area?

It is very safe. This is a small community where everyone knows each other. For safety, do the obvious: lock your car doors at night, don't leave valuables on the beach unattended, add a smile to your face whenever you are near others, and you are set!